Debating Application 2017

If you wish your daughter to debating in 2017, please complete the Application form below.  

For more details about any of the course, please contact the Mrs Cathy Sidoti here.

Student Details

In the paragraph below, please outline your past debating experience, including 

  • Year you were involved eg 2016, 
  • Competitions you were involved in eg ISDA, Archdale or Inter-house
  • Names of team mates
  • Coach
  • Results - how far did you get?
  • And any other relevant information or comments.
Parent/Guardian Details
Training and Competitions


In the following question, please indicate whether or not would you would be able to attend debating training and debates on the following sessions times:
  • Friday afternoon
  • Weekday mornings at 7.15 am
  • Year 11/12 would you be prepared to support Year 5-10 debaters by attending debates and help mentor and possibly coach
  • Year 7-10 debater, stay back and watch Senior debaters after your debate


In thee question below, please nominate your competition preference. We cannot guarantee your inclusion in any competition or team. If you are able to do both, please indicate both options as this will give you more of an opportunity to debate.
  • Friday evenings: ISDA   (starting in February)                    
  • Tuesday afternoon-evening: Archdale (starting in May)

Please note that transport is not usually provided on Friday nights. Transport is usually provided to the venue on Tuesday afternoons but students may need to be collected from the venue.

Competition Preference:

Commitment: Debating is a busy extra-curricular activity. Debaters will be expected to attend:

  • all debating training sessions arranged by their coach unless excused beforehand
  • every Debating Meeting, usually held on Wednesday lunchtime
  • all home debates as you will be required to assist with organising rooms before/after debates, signage, directing visitors, chairing and timing your own team
  • away debates as scheduled by your coach
  • sometimes there will be extra events like helping out when we host a final at school. 

By signing this form you agree that you have read and agree with the commitment obligations set up above. 

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