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Swim Meet Entries

Most meets are via online entry only. There are 2 primary online entry systems. 

NB. The SSPLC Competition Calendar will indicate which entry system is applicable for each meet. 


Provides entry to swim meets hosted by MetSEA and clubs within the MetSEA area, as well as relevant championship meets. To access the website it is necessary to register with AnotherPB to create a login profile. Each account can manage up to 3 nominated swimmers. Use the “Online Entry” tab on the swimmer’s dashboard to select a swim meet and submit events. 


download-icon Click here to download the Step-by-step guide for AnotherPB Entries (PDF 666.2KB)

APT Online Meet Entry (OME) system 

Provides entry to swim meets listed on the Swimming NSW Calendar. 

OME links can be accessed in the following ways: 

  • SSPLC Competition Calendar 
  • Swimming NSW Calendar 
  • Host club website homepage
  • MyLANE (see below) 

The username and password required to login to the OME system will be the same as used for individual membership registration. If you do not know these, please contact the club registrar. 

Online Swimmer Portals

Personalised swimmer portals offer a “one stop shop” for general swim meet information, qualifying times, meet entries and results. 

  • AnotherPB

    Another PB presents a range of information on an individual swimmer’s results, PBs and overall progress. It also provides a list of future MetSEA meets, specifying which events the swimmer has qualified for. How to register for is covered in an earlier section, Swim Meet Entries.  


  • MyLANE

    MyLane is a personalised portal for swimmers associated with ClubLANE and the OME system. It offers another way for swimmers to view their race results, and track their PBs against their goals. Swimmers can make online meet entries and see upcoming area, state and national level meets. Visit the link or use the MyLANE link found on both the Swimming NSW and MetSEA homepages to login to MyLANE. The login profile will be the same as used for the OME system and membership registration. Each member of the family will have their own login. Swim results of one family member cannot be viewed through the profile page of another.