International Exchange Online Application

For the application to be accepted, both the Application Form and Parent Statement of Permission must be completed and submitted below.

By submitting the Statement of Permission from Parents, the applicant acknowledges that they are the parent.

* Students will be disqualified for selection if the Statement of Permission is falsely submitted. 

Before starting the application process, please have the supporting documentation ready to attached. That is:

  • Student's letter of application
  • A copy of the applicant's passport

You are now ready to begin. Please fill in all the required fields below and click 'Submit'. 

Student Details
Main Contact Person's Details
Secondary Contact
Exchange Countries

List the top 6 exchange countries you are applying  in order of preference for by numbering the countries from 1 to 6: (with 1 being your top choice)

NB please note there are two kinds of exchanges available:

  1. Language Exchanges where students have studied the relevant language and will be, or intend, continuing with this language in Year 11, and
  2. Cultural Exchanges where language study is not a prerequisite. 
PS If you are applying for a Language Exchange, you do not have to include all 6 choices.
Your top 6 exchange countries* - required
Supporting Documentation

Please note that students who do not have a current passport, will be required to get one, if they are chosen for exchange. 

Child Protection Certification

As the International Exchange Program is a reciprocal exchange, all participating families must give a commitment to host an exchange student for the full duration of her stay here. This even applies even if your daughter is a boarder at PLC Sydney.

NB Please note that due to recent government regulation changes, all parents/guardians and family members in the home (over 18 years) hosting exchange students for a period of greater than three (3) weeks, must have a working with children check.

enrol-icon Click here to find out about how to apply for your WWC number. 

You will be required to provide a 'Working with Children Check' (WWC) number for every family member 18 or over BEFORE the Exchange is approved.

Statement of Permission from Parents

My submitting this Statement of Permission:

  1. I/we give approval for my/our daughter, to participate in the PLC Sydney International Exchange Program should she be one of the successful applicants.
  2. I/we confirm that we will provide a Working With Children number/details for every family member 18 or over.
    Click here to find out about how to apply. 
  3. I/We note that the purchase of a PLC Sydney exchange jersey is mandatory and can be ordered through the College Uniform Store.
  4. I/We understand the requirement for our daughter to keep up with the necessary school work should she be successful in being selected to go on exchange.
Mandatory field(s) marked with *