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PLC Sydney Foundation Annual General Meeting held 20 June 2018:

download-icon To download the report to the AGM by the Director of Development/Foundation Executive Officer, please click here.


The Foundation welcomed a presentation on the 2017 Student Exchange Program by Penelope Yee (2018 International Exchange Captain).  She was accompanied by Mrs Suellen White, Director of International Studies, and seven 2017 exchange students:  Michelle Smith (Lancaster, UK), Natalie Lambropoulos (Senlis, France), Gabrielle Hawkey (Meitoku, Japan), Jenna Turner (Christchurch, New Zealand), Rosie McCulloch (Wassenar, The Netherlands), Simona Lattuca (Florence, Italy), and Georgina Hedge (Florence, Italy).  
$48,000 was allocated in support of the 2017 program.  Please find Penelope’s address below:

Good evening Dr Burgis, Dr Lim, Ms Tomlinson-Alonso, Mr Da Cruz and Foundation members. 

On behalf of the students who have undergone the PLC International Exchange Program, I would like to thank the PLC Foundation for your continued support.

My name is Penelope Yee and I am the International Exchange Captain for 2018. It is a privilege to be here tonight to recognise the constant support and funding the PLC Foundation provides annually to the PLC Exchange initiative. 

PLC offers an impressive exchange program for their Year 10 students. Unlike many other schools, PLC girls are provided with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the world; and to foster international connections with students worldwide. Not only are the PLC girls able to represent the College, but they also have the chance to represent Australia. And in doing so by embarking on exchange, girls also can gain their independence, transform their cultural awareness and nurture their self-development.  

Having spoken to past exchange students, we are all in agreement that this experience has empowered us to be more global citizens;  to be more aware of global issues and perspectives. This has provided us with the confidence to approach our current and future studies with enthusiasm and open-mindedness.  

Speaking from experience, I can recall having the courage to overcome times of stress, bonding with fellow PLC students and learning to become more confident. In 2016 I was fortunate enough to visit Germany during December and January. Although challenging and daunting, I truly believe that these experiences have shaped me in becoming a young woman of integrity and purpose. I am sure all of the students who have gone on exchange can appreciate the efforts of the Foundation.

Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to the PLC Foundation for the funding and ongoing support for this transformative exchange program. 


Prior to the meeting, we were delighted to welcome Holly Finlay (Boarders’ Captain 2017) who spoke on her extraordinary opportunity to attend PLC Sydney as a NSW rural student. Holly was accompanied by her mother, Ms Fiona Crichton (Y12 1985), also a past boarder at the College.

There was great interest in Holly’s presentation and this generated a number of questions from the floor. When asked about her plans for future studies, she said she is looking forward to undertaking a BA.BEd at Macquarie University.

download-icon Please click here to download and view Holly’s presentation. 

Later in the meeting, an allocation request was considered for funding in support of The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN) Conference being held in Singapore during November 2018. Six PLC Sydney students and two staff are looking forward to attending the conference.  

The Foundation favourably approved funding of $7,000. This excellent initiative has received consistent financial support from the Foundation over the past 12 years.

The Foundation’s recent meeting was delighted to approve allocations for an impressive range of submissions over the next 12 months.  Prior to the meeting, sub-committee members and the Board welcomed five excellent student presentations.    Some involved reports from recent initiatives as well as requests for future funding. Once the presenters departed and their requests were considered, all were favourably approved:

  • Service Learning Tour to Vietnam

Year 11 students, Eliza Otton and Zara Khan spoke on the tour in April 2017.
An allocation request for the tour in April 2018 was also addressed by Ms Isabel Hayek, Coordinator of the Vietnam SLT.  At the meeting the Foundation approved an allocation of $15 000 towards next year’s tour.

Please click here to download and view the presentation.    (PDF 68KB)   

  • World Public Speaking and Debating Championships – Cape Town, April 2018

There was a presentation by Year 11 students, Eleanor Lawton-Wade, Lina Cho, Sherie Pan and Lauren McGrath-Wild on their recent success at the 2017 Australian National Titles where they qualified for the World Championships in Cape Town in 2018.

An allocation request in support of the championships in Cape Town was addressed by Mrs Lynette Hawkey, Head of Speech, External Public Speaking.   The Foundation approved an allocation of $8000.

Please click here to download and view the presentation. (PDF 90.7KB)

  • National Mathematics Summer School – Canberra, January 2018

Jasmine Chen (Year 11) addressed her request for funding assistance to attend the 2018 summer School.
The Foundation approved an allocation of $1100.

Please click here to download and view the presentation (PDF 541.3KB)

  • National Youth Science Forum – Canberra, January 2018

Year 11 students, Salina Ai, Sabena Bhadri, Eleanor Lawton-Wade, Laurel Lu, Claudia McDonnell, Lucy Mo, Sherie Pan and Jennifer Xu addressed their request for funding assistance to attend the forum.
The Foundation approved an allocation of $4800.

Please click here to download and view the presentation. (PDF 295.2KB)

  • AIOC (Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee) Informatics School of Excellence – Canberra, December 2017

Angeni Bai (Year 10) addressed her request for funding assistance to attend the forthcoming Informatics School of Excellence. 
The Foundation approved an allocation of $1350.

Please click here to download and view the presentation (PDF 380.7KB)

A further four allocation requests that are considered annually were also before the meeting and, once again, they were all favourably approved:

  • 2018 Foundation Bursaries/Scholarships:  $140 000 
  • 2018 International Student Exchange Program:  Up to $80 000 (determined by the number of students selected) 
  • 2018 PLC Sydney Annual Student Photographic Prize:  $500
  • 2018 Foundation Speech Day Prizes (‘Business Studies’ and ‘Global Citizenship’):  $150 ($75 per prize)