Does your child need extra support?


With the return to face-to-face schooling, some students may discover that they require extra support to fill in gaps in their learning or to kick-start (refire) their learning engines. The Futures Extension Centre at PLC Sydney has places available in its tutoring program.

Tutoring is available for primary and secondary students of all abilities, at all stages of their learning, across a range of subjects, and from any school. The tutoring is focused on the individual needs of each student with one-on-one sessions. We also offer general exam preparation focusing on techniques to help students prepare for their yearly assessments. 

Prices vary depending on the type of session and the qualification level of the tutor, ranging from $58 to $142 per hour. See below. 

Special Introductory Offer!

As a special Introductory Offer you can arrange a Trial Package of 3 sessions or continue for one term (8 sessions). 

Tutoring is available after school and on Saturday. Please get in touch to discuss a personalised  tutoring program tailored to your child’s needs. Call us on (+612) 9704 5634 / 5713 or emailing:  futures@plc.nsw.edu.au.

The sessions are structured, aligned to the school curriculum and taught by qualified teachers or university students. Our tutors are carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process and have sound subject-specific knowledge.

'A tutor can help explain and clarify concepts on a one-to-one basis in a non-stressful and comfortable environment, said Centre Manager, Andreea Leibov. Our tutors also act as a role model to help boost self-esteem and provide positive learning associations, she said. They help the students help themselves, to assist or guide them to the point where they become independent learners’.

The Futures Extension Centre is located in Croydon and offers weekend and after-school tuition to students at all levels who seek academic support whether it be in remediation, consolidation or extension.

They have all your child’s learning needs covered. 

Subjects offered in 2022 include:

  • Primary
  • English (Advanced and Extension - including IB and ESL)
  • Mathematics (ALL levels)
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • History (Ancient and Modern)
  • Legal Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Languages: French, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Greek and Japanese
  • Preparation for Selective School/OC/Scholarship tests

Our Qualified Tutors

All our tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates or students (with relevant degrees or undertaking study in related disciplines.)  All our tutors are assessed on their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability. 

Pricing of our Tutoring Programs

Our tutoring program is offered on a four-tier basis that range from $58.00 to $142.00 per hour. The price is based on the individual needs of the child and the qualification and experience of the tutor.

For further information, please contact us or call (+612) 9704 5634 /5713

Maximise your child’s LEARNING potential.

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