Years 2 to 6

Term 1, 2020: Saturday 1 February  2020 to Saturday 4 April (10 Weeks)

All of the courses start at 1.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm. The first Saturday of term will include an orientation for students and their parents, which will provide a chance for parents to meet with teachers.

In Term 1, we are pleased to offer the following packages for students from Years 2 to 6: 


Courses are offered as a package, with two courses in each package, meaning all students enrolled will do both courses. 

Each class integrates hands-on activities around an interesting and exciting central theme.  This term students will learn about:


Eevn tohugh tehse wrods aer all scamrbeld yuo cna sitll unerdstnad tihs setnecne. Our brains have a knack for figuring out codes and making sense of complex puzzles. This term students will be both exercising our brains to solve some of the worlds greatest codes and puzzles and holding up a mirror to our own minds to try to understand one of the greatest enigmas, our own brain. 

The human mind is trained to recognise patterns, faces and abnormalities. It is a skill that we can harness and develop in order to gain a more critical view of the world. Understanding patterns and developing codes is also the key to the future of society, underpinning concepts in computer science, biology, mathematics and even art! We will delve into multiple domains and investigate patterns within them and then look back to the neuroscience to understand how our minds are working, and therefore how other human minds may interpret these patterns.


What is Area 51? Why was the Mary Celeste found empty and adrift in the Atlantic in 1872? What is the Voynich manuscript? These questions and many more anomalies will be discussed and investigated in The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Course. For many years scientists and historians have worked tirelessly to provide solutions to strange occurrences. Although Science and Technology have come a long way, many  mysteries remain unsolved; the Bermuda triangle, the lost city of Atlantis, the lost land of Paititi, the identity of the man in the iron mask and so much more. Theories have been proposed but there is little concrete evidence to support most claims.

Perhaps you can solve these unexplained mysteries! This course will both inspire and educate on the different mysteries and anomalies of our time. Students will have ample opportunities to fathom strange phenomena that have left scientists and historians puzzled for years. Do you have what it takes to solve these mysteries?

The course will operate with 8 or more participants and spaces are strictly limited. Each class runs for one-and-a-half hours.


* This fee includes all resources and materials.  

Enrolments close on Tuesday 21 January 2020. No student will be permitted to attend without prior notification.further information, please contact the PLC Sydney Extension Centre or call (+612) 9704 5634.

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