Years 2 to 6

Term 3, 2018: Saturday 28 July 2018 to Saturday 29 September 2018 (10 Weeks) 

All of the courses start at 1.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm. The first Saturday of term will include an orientation for students and their parents, which will provide a chance for parents to meet with teachers.

In Term 3, we are pleased to offer the following packages:

  • Years 2 to 6: Two courses: Building Today, Cities Tomorrow and The Art of Reasoning.

Courses are offered as a package, with two courses in each package, meaning all students enrolled will do both courses. NOTE: One Package not allowed. 

Each class integrates hands-on activities around an interesting and exciting central theme.  This term students will learn about:


As humans, we have created a built world around us, houses, infrastructure, buildings and designs. It takes a team for each of these creations to become a reality. This course will challenge the students and develop skills artistically, scientifically and imaginatively.   
This course will allow all the students to work both individually and together to create the towns and cities of tomorrow. Each week, student will be challenged with a new building brief using a range of materials and problem solving skills to meet the requirements. The course will begin to following a history of architectural feats of the past and today, by looking at structures like the tallest buildings in the world and innovative designs. It will cover basic principles of physics and structural engineering, which the students can discover both practically and through theory. Finally, the course will enable the students to create the towns of tomorrow with their own unique innovations that they believe will help society function


Logical reasoning skills are essential for children to be successful in life. When children grow up they will be faced with real world problems and will be well equipped to solve them with strong critical thinking and problem solving skills. The Art of Reasoning Course will assist students in thinking logically and also ‘outside of the box.’ Students will be taught how to think for themselves and learn not to accept everything they hear at face value. In The Art of Reasoning students will be guided to recognise logical fallacies. The story behind ‘the president having a banana’ will further help students identify incorrect logic.

Learning how to think logically and apply reasoning to real life situations is essential. But how is it taught? It is practiced through the art of structured conversations, where children are needing to answer questions, where they have to justify their thinking processes, methods or their answers. Critical thinking can be fostered through completing logical puzzles, brain teasers, playing games that require reasoning skills, reading fiction and creating on a regular basis. All of these and more will be utilised in The Art of Reasoning Course - developing logical thinkers in the 21st Century.

The course will operate with 8 or more participants and spaces are strictly limited. Each class runs for one-and-a-half hours.

Cost: $484 inc GST 
* This fee includes all resources and materials.  

Enrolments close on Tuesday 17 July 2018. No student will be permitted to attend without prior notification. 

For further information, please contact the PLC Sydney Extension Centre or call (+612) 9704 5634.

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