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Years 2 to 6


In Term 1, we are pleased to offer the following packages for students from Years 2 to 6: 


Courses are offered as a package, with two courses in each package, meaning all students enrolled will do both courses. Each class integrates hands-on activities around an interesting and exciting central theme.  This term students will learn about:


Technology is changing the world! But have you ever thought about how it could change the world of music? 

In this course, we'll create our very own digital instruments with coding and electronic circuits to explore the science behind sound! We'll use everything from playdough to pipe cleaners and sponges to spoons to make our digital instruments sing!

Wondering how paper pianos, playdough xylophones, and cardboard clarinets can really make digital music? Come and find out in Term 1! 

EXPRESS YOURSELF  - Luke Philpotts

Communication is key! This term, our students will explore the power of language and self-expression through different modes and text types. They will look at persuasive, discursive, imaginative, poetic, and informative texts whilst considering the role they play in society. Students will also study famous case studies such as Martin Luther King, William Shakespeare, J.K Rowling, and Roald Dahl. In the final weeks of the unit, students will be tasked with crafting their own text on a topic of their choosing so that they can find their own writing style and form of expression. 

COST: $504.00 INC GST 

* This fee includes all resources and materials. Please note that cancellation attracts a 5% administration fee. Courses will operate with 8 or more participants and spaces are strictly limited

Our programs start at 1.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm. Each course runs for one hour and twenty minutes with a twenty minutes break in between.

Enrolments close on Sunday 30 January 2022. No student will be permitted to attend without prior notification. For further information, please contact the PLC Sydney Extension Centre or call (+612) 9704 5634 / 5713. 

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