Years 2 to 6

Term 2, 2018: Saturday 5 may 2018 to Saturday 30June 2018 (8 Weeks) 

(NO Classes on Saturday 12 May due to Open Day at PLC)

All of the courses start at 1.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm. The first Saturday of term will include an orientation for students and their parents, which will provide a chance for parents to meet with teachers.

In Term 1, we are pleased to offer the following packages:

  • Years 2 to 6: Two courses: The Human Body -  Inside and Out and Behind the Scenes - A Film Study

Courses are offered as a package, with two courses in each package, meaning all students enrolled will do both courses. NOTE: One Package not allowed. 

Each class integrates hands-on activities around an interesting and exciting central theme.  This term students will learn about:


Taking care of our human bodies is a task we all engage with every day of our lives. We choose what we eat, what activities we do and who we interact with. This shows that the body functions using an interconnected web of biological science, social interaction and individual initiative. The Human Body course is aimed to explore human biology in an accurate and imaginative way, by linking the science components with environmental and other observable determinants of health.

During the eight-week course, students will learn about the vital organ systems of The Human Body including the heart and the brain and their associated systems. Alongside this, students will be able to link their learning to their everyday lives as lessons will be based around the body during sport, eating and our similarities and differences to other living organisms. Finally, they can use this basis of information to evaluate and critically predict the outcomes for when the body gets sick or does not function properly and how natural bodily defences are able to combat disease and sickness.


In the past, moving images were new and exciting and this is still the situation today. The Behind The Scenes course will inspire students to imagine a world without the film industry. This will be done through an appreciation of the wonderful contributions the industry plays in shaping our thinking and providing entertainment. A great deal of time and effort is given to creating a cinematic experience. As soon as the forty-foot high screen lights up, the viewer’s senses are immediately piqued and we lose ourselves in the beautiful imagery, rich sound design and authentic portrayals by actors. We go to the cinema “not to see the stars but to instead see ourselves projected in the stars” (Michael Caine, actor and film producer).

Behind the Scenes explores the nature of film and the work of the various people who make film - directors, actors, editors and so on - to create memorable motion pictures. This course will look at timeless classics like it’s a wonderful Life and modern day favourites like Harry Potter and Toy Story 3 to explore the Behind the Scenes work that made, and make, these movies inspiring.

Students will learn the skills of the film crew and will transfer these skills in the making process for their own short films. This is a practical course that is sure to bring out the creative side of all participants. 

The course will operate with 8 or more participants and spaces are strictly limited. Each class runs for one-and-a-half hours.


Cost: $484 inc GST 
* This fee includes all resources and materials.  

Enrolments close on Tuesday 24 April 2018. No student will be permitted to attend without prior notification. 

For further information, please contact the PLC Sydney Extension Centre or call (+612) 9704 5634.

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