Kindergarten to Year 1

Term 1, 2018: Saturday 3 February 2018 to Saturday 14 April 2018 (10 Weeks)

(NO Classes on Saturday 31 March 2018 due to Easter Saturday)

All of the courses start at 1.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm. The first Saturday of term will include an orientation for students and their parents, which will provide a chance for parents to meet with teachers.

In Term 4, we are pleased to offer the following package:

  • Kindergarten/Year 1:Two courses: Ways to Change the World and It's Puzzling

Courses are offered as a package, with two courses in each package, meaning all students enrolled will do both courses. NOTE: One Package not allowed.

Each class integrates hands-on activities around an interesting and exciting central theme.  This term students will learn about: 


Every day, the things we do have an impact on the environment and on other people, both close to home and around the world. During this course, through a variety of investigative and creative activities, students will learn about such things as recycling, rubbish disposal, saving water, reducing energy usage, the benefits of walking and growing our own vegetables … actions everyone can do which will help to change the world. With an increasing range of local, national and international issues, the students will learn about the need for positive and purposeful change. From social skills (including having the capacity to make another person smile, pay a compliment, say “Hello” in sign language) to tackling bigger, ‘whole world’ issues (recycling rubbish, saving water, find out where food comes from and why this is of importance) children will learn that everyone, young and old alike, can do things which will help to make a positive difference.


In this course, students will be introduced to a range of puzzles to enhance their problem-solving skills. Number puzzles such as Sudoku and KenKen, crosswords, codes, strategy games, logic problems and brain teasers will all be introduced. Students will learn specific skills in solving each type of puzzle, both independently and working co-operatively with a partner, in addition to designing puzzles of their own to share and solve.

While they think they are just having fun, they will be exercising their thinking and acquiring invaluable skills and strategies to apply in problem-solving situations throughout their lives.

The course will operate with 8 or more participants and spaces are strictly limited. Each class runs for one-and-a-half hours.

In the event of a course being undersubscribed by the cut-off date, a decision will be made as to what adjustment will take place. Thus, the options displayed here may vary slightly from what is finally offered, depending on student interest. Please note that such adjustments are rare and that every effort is made to preserve the courses in the form initially offered here.    

Cost: $484 inc GST 
* This fee includes all resources and materials.

Enrolments close on Tuesday 30 January 2018. No student will be permitted to attend without prior notification. For further information, please contact us or call (+612) 9704 5634.

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