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Please select the course you wish your child to attend, complete the Enrolment form below and submit along with your payment.

There are two options for payment.

  1. Payment can be made via direct debit to PLC Sydney, by entering your 'SURNAME' and 'EXT_Saturday' as the reference. 
  2. Payment can be made via credit card, using the STUDENT NAME and COURSE NAME as your reference.

See the details below (at the bottom of the form) for payment. 

For more details about any of the course, please contact the Extension Centre on 9704 5634.

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Please state briefly any HEALTH ISSUES, MEDICAL ALERTS, SEVERE ALLERGIES, ANAPHYLAXIS OR SPECIAL NEEDS of which staff need to be aware:

Does your child exhibit any behaviour teachers need to take into account when he or she is in a group?  


Serious Illness / Injury requiring a Doctor or hospital

  1. The parent/guardian will be contacted if at all possible according to the information available on the student’s medical consent and procedure form.
  2. First Aid will be administered by the Director of the Extension Centre or other staff members immediately present.
  3. In an emergency, or on the advice of an attending doctor, the student will be taken by ambulance to the nearest available hospital.

In the event of injury or illness of our son/daughter, I/we authorise the Director of the PLC Extension Centre and staff to follow the procedure/s as set out above.


There are two options for payment - by credit card or direct debit. Please nominate your preferred method of payment below, then proceed to pay.

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