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Safety & Well-being

The safety and well-being of our boarders is our primary concern. Our dedicated team of staff provides help and advice across all aspects of our boarders’ lives and also perform the vital role of setting boundaries.

Led by the Director of Boarding, the boarding staff at PLC Sydney are committed to providing a supportive and caring environment where our girls will thrive and grow into young women of integrity and purpose.

Many aspects of the Boarding School and Day school dovetail to create a safe environment in all aspects of the students life, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Physical and Academic. All important and vital areas to manage and maintain rigors levels of safety and understanding with a strong support structure to assist.

The boarding staff work closely with the College’s Well-Being team to ensure our boarders’ welfare needs are met. The Deputy Principal, Heads of Year, College Chaplains, the School Counsellors and College Nurse each have a vital role within the boarding community. 

Our Academic Support staff provide boarders with support and assistance throughout the week and manage the Homework sessions. They also offer one on one time during the afternoon to the individual or groups needing extra support in any given subject or as directed from the Learning Support Services within the College. 

To further assist students with their academic development the College has a specialist tutoring school through the PLC Sydney Extension Centre located on campus. 

The Boarding House Security System has a back to base security system that helps provide a secure and safe environment. The College has a security guard who is in the College grounds throughout the afternoon and night hours.