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Boarders' Committee

Boarding School Student Leadership Teams 

The Boarding House has two groups of students who represent the them in different forums. 

The Boarders’ Captain and three Boarders Prefects are all voted for by the Boarding House students and staff.

The Boarders’ Committee is made up of a student representative from each year group and they are elected by their year group.

Boarders' Captain and Prefects

The Boarders’ Captain is a member of the College Leadership team and represents the Boarding School in the College.

The Boarders' Prefects are members of the College Prefect body and represent the boarders within the Day school.

Boarders’ Committee

The Boarders’ Committee is made up of an elected representative from each year group as well as the Boarders’ Captain and a Boarders’ Prefect.

The Committee meet fortnightly with the Boarders' Captain to discuss ideas and issues relevant to community living.

Boarders are encouraged to discuss any ideas they may have with their elected year group representative as they may have creative new suggestions to share.