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The boarders are cared for by a dedicated team of boarding staff and the Director of Boarding liaises closely with the College’s Well-Being team who have a vital role in the boarding community. 

Boarding staff are available at all hours to assist students in whatever matters arise.

The well-being of every individual child is a priority of the Boarding community and we therefore work closely with all members of the school community to ensure the girls are fully supported and provided with care and nurturing through all areas of their lives while at PLC Sydney. 

The College Well-Being team includes:

  • Deputy Principal
  • Director of Boarding
  • Chaplains
  • Counsellors
  • Heads of Year

All Boarders are able to attend the College Health Centre during school hour to speak with the College Nurse on medical issues.

Students are able to speak to any staff member about concerns. 

All new boarders are required to attend one appointment with the Counsellor within the first term of their arrival to assist in their transition to school.