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Daily Routine

 5.55 am   Wake up – everyone is expected to be out of bed and dressed in full uniform. 

 6.00 - 8.00 am   Breakfast runs from 6.00- 8.00am and all boarders are to attend prior to 7.30am
 7.45 - 8.00 am  Before school every boarder is responsible for ensuring her bedroom is clean and tidy,
 bins are emptied, her bed is made and all electrical items are turned off
 8.15 am  All students to leave the Boarding House for school.
 End of day  Boarding House opens early for Year 12 students only.
 2.10 pm  Year 11 can return to the House after 2.10 pm if they have finished classes.
 3.00 pm  End of school day
 3.04 pm  Co-curricular activities and free time until 5.55pm
 5.00 pm  Early homework (Prep) in the Library
 5.50 pm   All boarders take bags and books to the Library ready for Homework (Prep)
 5.55 - 6.45 pm   Dinner
 6.45 pm  Personal study and homework. (Prep)
 8.30 pm   Years 7 to 9 return to the House
 9.00 pm  Years 10 and 11 return to the House
 9.00 - 10.30 pm   Bedtime routine.