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The Boarding House covers one level of the main school building and the 3 wings wrap around the center of the College courtyard. 

The Mackenzie Wing is dedicated to all the Year 12 boarders and provides this group with opportunity to study within their own rooms. Year 12 enjoy a common room and kitchen area to socialise and relax and this also assists them as they learn to live independently. 

Boarders in Year 7 to 11 live in 2 wings, Mance and Taylor. The students share bedrooms in year specific groups. Each wing is made up of either Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 or Years 10 and 11. The Year 11 students provide Big Sister support to the junior students. 

As the boarders reside in the College’s grand heritage listed building, they are able to enjoy aspects of this environment throughout the house with a tangible history of the generations of boarders. 

Our Boarding House is a safe and happy environment that provides students with challenges and opportunities for growth. It is a place where girls can grow safely into confident, caring and accomplished young women.