Principal’s Residence

Arlington was purchased by the Presbyterian Church of NSW in 2003 and was the residence of the Principal until 2017.

The name Arlington was first used to identify the house in 1889.

The two-storey property sits on a 1074 square metre block of land. The land has had 11 owners since 1833 and a house has occupied the site since 1885.

Formerly, the street address has been ‘Queen’s Crescent off Young Street’ and ‘Young Street’. In 1938, the street name was changed to Froggatt Crescent in honour of Walter Froggatt, a leading entomologist whose daughters attended PLC Sydney. His wife taught Kindergarten at the College from 1926 to 1942.

a few Notable former owners

1887 to 1938 – Vallentine family. Joseph Vallentine was one of the first directors of the Farmer and Company department store (now Myer) since the company’s incorporation in 1897. His granddaughter, Vivian, lived at Arlington and attended PLC Sydney from 1906 to 1912. She was Dux of Class IV in 1907 and her name regularly appeared on the quarterly Roll of Honour.

1981 to 1986 – Maxwell family. Justice Josephine Maxwell was a Family Court Judge who sat as a part-time member of the Law Reform Commission from 1984 to 1988. 

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