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CLASS OF 2000: Founder of Exceptional Existence and Women Empowered 

Alumni_Louise Corbett

Based in Hong Kong, Louise has springboarded from a successful global career in Corporate Communications and Marketing to start her own communications consultancy and corporate coaching business. Louise has always believed in the transformational power of effective communication and guiding individuals on how to live their best lives (across all aspects of their lives). In building her company, she lives by a philosophy she regularly communicates to her clients - ‘really listen to what you love and fearlessly go after it’.

What did you study after school, and where are you now?

I studied Commerce with Liberal Studies at Sydney University (Marketing and Management majors) 

Three years into my 4-year degree, I decided to take six months off and live in Italy to learn the language and bathe in the culture. So, after drinking all the coffee and eating all the gelato I could, I returned to Sydney to finish my degree and started working as a Marketing Assistant at Aussie Home Loans. 

Soon after, I became a Marketing Coordinator and then found an exciting new role as Marketing Manager at IAG. Two years into that role, I felt the travel bug again and moved (with one of my dear friends from PLC) to Dubai. Yes, we left our jobs and packed our bags with hope and a dream for an adventure. Jobless, I was soon to find a role as an Account Director in an Advertising Agency and then one year into that, I moved on to take on a role as a Marketing Director with a Venture Capital company. Three years on, it was time to move again, and I relocated to Singapore. 

Here I took on a role as Head of Communications for AIG Singapore. After 1.5 years, I received a promotion and was moved to Hong Kong to run Marketing Communications at AIG for the Asia Pacific region. 

After six and a half years in this role, I needed a change. So I stood back and looked at what I loved to do. As a result, I established my consultancy ‘Exceptional Existence’ in 2019, working with multinationals and individuals worldwide to communicate and live their very best life. 

At the same time, I established ‘Women Empowered’ - an organisation that focuses on women’s physical, emotional and financial empowerment through events, online education platforms, fundraising, and global retreats. 

What advice would you give to our students today about their journey beyond PLC Sydney? 

The world is your oyster, and you only get to live once, so make the most of every day! Having attended PLC for my entire schooling life, I am still incredibly grateful for the solid foundation it has given me in terms of education, confidence, and self-belief. Use the PLC Sydney experience as your springboard to follow your dreams - from here, you can do anything! Make sure you really listen to what it is that you love and fearlessly go after that. 

How has your education at PLC Sydney shaped the person you are today? 

PLC Sydney gave me a solid education and allowed me to flourish by providing various activities to explore outside of just academics.

I was also a vast ‘nerd’ at school, and I felt like the teachers supported my desire to learn. I also believe that the environment was ‘safe’, which is so important for learning and development. I am still very close to so many of the women in my year at school - this is an invaluable and lifelong support network. 

I also believe that PLC Sydney gave me a solid foundation to do my work with women. We were respected and encouraged at school, and I think that when I went out into the world, I just expected to find the same treatment and, as a result of that unwavering expectation, I did. 

Some of your most vivid, favourite or amusing memories from school are and which teachers had the most significant impact upon your time at school? 

When we were little, dancing around the maypole and Easter Parades with our fabulous (and hilarious) homemade hats. The last day of the year singing ‘God be with you until we meet again’ and the community we built in the Common Room in the final year of school. 

Teachers? There were so many. Ms Smyth  - what a beautiful, kind, encouraging and caring woman. She had such stature. Ms Raphael - I will never forget this woman. She was such a beautiful and inspiring soul and the woman who graduated me from ‘pencil’ to ‘pen’. Mr Daniel - a very interesting character who had such passion for maths and cared for his students - I don’t think he realised how funny he was. Ms Webb - wow I loved that woman. She was such a kind and supportive lady who was always there when you needed her. 

What were your extra-curricular activities while at school? 

I did everything! I was Anderson House Captain, and I did Debating, Public Speaking, Senior Choir and Madrigal; Softball; Cricket; Netball; Basketball; Duke of Edinburgh; Amnesty International and attempted several musical instruments (I’m sure I’m missing some out here)! Looking back, I’m so grateful for the variety of activities that were on offer. 

To learn more about Louise and her work, visit Exceptional Existence Coaching, Communications with Exceptional Existence, Women Empowered Community, or connect with Louise on LinkedIn.

Louise Corbett, Class of 2000
House: Anderson