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Getting to know 2019 ESU Scholarship Recipient Chloe Houseman


My name is Chloe Houseman and I am the 2019 recipient of the Ex-Students Union (ESU) Scholarship. I was able to receive this scholarship because my Nana attended PLC Sydney in the late 1940’s. I first heard about it, when I attended an ESU breakfast last year with my Nana and we met the previous recipient. The standard was set high so I thought my chances to get a scholarship were not good, but I applied anyway hoping that it would be an opportunity to improve my interview skills. 

I was asked by the ESU to write an article about myself and not having many exciting things to say, I decided to start with some of the differences between the current PLC Sydney and PLC Sydney when my Nana attended.  Uniform is always front and centre so I’d start here. My Nana told me that the tunics were made from such fine cotton that they were see-through, the students had to wear white bloomers to cover up! Hat and white gloves were mandatory including to and from school and she told me that if they were caught not wearing them on the train, members of the public would report them to the school. It would appear that the people on the trains liked to complain, as they also notified the school of any rowdy or unladylike behaviour. Another aspect was the size of the school, during my Nana’s time the whole school could fit into College Hall for assembly. School days were structured differently too, there was more focus on religion and the girls would spend an hour every morning in chapel singing hymns. Finally, my Nana would tell me about the special white dress they had to wear for speech day at Town Hall. They had to buy that specific dress to wear once a year for speech day. Perhaps I won’t complain too much about our uniform again….

A very little about me. I joined PLC Sydney in Year 7 and have had some amazing opportunities since then. One example is the exchange program, in fact I am actually writing this article while on exchange in a little medieval village in France. I am also completing my Duke of Edinburgh award through the school and have enjoyed participating in many extracurricular activities, usually involving getting wet in a pool.

I would like to thank my Nana’s parents (and mine too) for choosing PLC Sydney as well as the Ex-Students Union for their generosity. While I am still surprised to be the recipient, I am very grateful.