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Wings of Kilimanjaro

Paula McraeWings-Of-Kilimanjaro-Paula-McRae

PaulA McRae, 2004 boArders' captain, is a remarkable young woman.

Since leaving PLC Sydney and completing a Leisure Management Degree at UTS, Paula has travelled the world, working on a farm in the UK, volunteering in a Soup Kitchen in New York and exploring Europe, Canada, North/Central and South America. However one of her most significant experiences came from the time she spent in Tanzania.

Over the past six years Paula and her brother, Adrian, have worked together on a philanthropic East Africa project, outside their nine to five jobs, called Wings of Kilimanjaro.

Wings of Kilimanjaro was a fundraising event they established which brought 100 people from all over the world together with the fundamental purpose of empowering thousands of East Africans to an enriched and improved lifestyle through clean water, microfinance and education channels.

So far, they have established access to new microfinance loans in rural areas, enabling 30 new village banks to commence giving over 600 new members access to small business loans in rural areas. Coming from rural Australia, this project was very close to their hearts. Through their installation of clean water projects (drilling, pumping, installation and storage), it is estimated they have given around 9000 Tanzanians access to clean and safe water – most of whom would have had to walk for hours each day to the nearest source.

Last year they returned to Tanzania for the opening of a new primary school they have established in a remote Maasai village for 150 local children.

'Walking into the class room filled with, children all of whom had never had earlier access to education, was an overwhelming life moment that is for sure' said Paula. 

While based in Tanzania, Paula also became a co-administrator for a local orphanage in Arusha, home to over 100 children.

Wings of Kilimanjaro has raised just over $700K and they continue to work towards their ultimate goal of $1M so they can maintain their little school and build upon their existing clean water and microfinance projects. 

'I am humbled to have been born in this amazing country with amazing standards of living and with such supportive and loving family and friends – out of pure luck that was the card I was dealt. If I can change the life of one child who hasn’t been blessed with the same, I believe I have succeeded in this world.' 

Well done Paula! PLC Sydney is proud of your wonderful work.

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