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Katie Higgins, breaks the mould

alumni-katie-higgins-2012Katie graduated from PLC Sydney in 2012 and immediately joined the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) to undertake three years of a four year BEng (Civil) degree. Whilst at ADFA she conducted military training in conjunction with her studies. Katie indulged her love of sport and music by playing soccer and being a member of the Marching and Jazz bands.

Katie enjoyed the camaraderie from the Civil Engineers (Muddies) and the challenging activities, such as doing eight hours of endurance PT (physical training), which she says that she only had to do once — thankfully. 

In 2016 Katie attended the Royal Military College - Duntroon which is the Australian Army Officer Training College, where one of the most demanding activities was a five day sleep and food deprivation exercise with multiple leadership challenges throughout.  

Katie graduated in 2016 as a Lieutenant (LT) in the corps of the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) and will undertake a Regimental Officers Basic Course for military engineering and move to a unit to take command of a 30 person platoon.

When she completes her studies, Katie will enter the Corps of RAE (Corps of Royal Australian Engineers) and be either a Combat Engineer or a Construction Engineer. 

Katie definitely thinks more female school leavers should consider a career in the Defence Force. For her, it provided the perfect mix of mental and physical challenges.

'In the Army, you are constantly learning and absorbing large amounts of information. This enables you to increase your skills and keep challenging yourself to be a better version of you so that you can use those skills to help other people. 

Moving to ADFA at 17 years of age, enabled me to become independent, whilst establishing a strong support network amongst the people with whom I lived.  I thoroughly enjoyed the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and proving to myself that I could do it. Also, I did not have to worry about the cost of rent or food and I have completed my degree without a HELP debt. 

I have confirmed employment for the next five years and when I leave the Army, I will have had a variety of unique experiences and developed significant expertise that will assist me in the workforce. 

The Army is an excellent career choice for anyone who is willing to challenge herself and learn. I certainly have not regretted my decision at any point to join the ADF. I am looking forward to continuing my army training.'

Image: Katie Higgins, Army Lieutenant in the Australian Defence Force. Currently undertaking a BEng (Civil) at UNSW Canberra.