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Dr Robyn Grote awarded a Churchill Fellowship

alumni-dr-grote-thDr Robyn Grote, nee Robyn Whitaker, attended PLC Sydney from 1958 - 1971 and is currently an Adj. Prof., Principal Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) & the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR). 

Dr Robyn Grote graduated from UNSW with a BSc (Anatomy) and in 1977 completed a Graduate Diploma of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. Dr Grote is committed to high standards in physiotherapy and the incorporation of new technology to optimise clinical practice.

Whilst working in a Sydney Physical Rehabilitation Hospital she attended an in-service course given at the Centre for Biomedical Engineering at the UNSW, which ignited her interested in quantifying movement in 3-dimensions, which is currently her primary field of study ie 3-dimensional Clinical Motion Analysis. She subsequently completed a MBiomedEng and a PhD (Engineering) and is actively involved in teaching, researching, supervising and examining many higher degree students from numerous physiotherapy and engineering faculties. 

Dr Grote has incorporated new technology within the disciplines of physiotherapy and medical engineering, to optimise clinical practice. As the Principal Research Fellow at Queensland Health, she focuses on three dimensional gait analyses of people being treat for serious movement disability. She uses motion capture technology, similar to that used in animation, special effects & computer games to provide a 3D view of a patient’s gait and movement, allowing for more targeted and effective treatments. This technology significantly improves the mobility and quality of life of patients with movement disorders. 

Dr Grote has established 4 laboratories to date, including the Gait Analysis facility at QUT and she established the paediatric clinical gait analysis laboratory at the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she also served as Director for 12 years. This was only the second clinic of its type in Australia.

At the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) since 2010, she and her team have introduced technology to the treatment of stroke victims, patients with acquired or traumatic neurological disorders, serious burns and other complex gait and mobility problems. Her team is currently developing the technology to screen newborns to enable early intervention when necessary.

Dr Grote was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2016, to gain specialist knowledge from international civilian and military physical rehabilitation centres, which will incorporate 3-dimensional motion analysis to monitor and deliver rehabilitation to patients, using international best practice. This research will in turn assist the planning of a new rehabilitation centre in Brisbane. 

Robyn is another of our most revered alumni and was a guest speaker at PLC Sydney's 2016 Speech Day.  

Image: Dr Robyn Grote (nee Whitaker) 1958 - 1971