PLC Sydney Collection

"Schools in Australia are not renowned for their art collections or their enlightened policies towards art education, but Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney is an exception. The PLC Sydney Collection, which is being constantly supplemented by works acquired through the annual Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and the Artist-in-Residence program, is both a valuable teaching aid and the kind of cultural asset that is too easily undervalued in this country."

John McDonald, Art Critic (PLC Sydney Collection Exhibition Catalogue, 2013)

download-icon Download the 2013 PLC Sydney Collection Exhibition Catalogue (PDF 4.6MB).

The PLC Sydney Collection has grown through donations, commissions and acquisitions of local, historical and contemporary works of significance. It features prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and some sculpture and mixed media works by Australian artists as well as works by the College’s ex-students and staff.

The collection includes:

  • Paintings by Adelaide Perry, Sidney Nolan, Margaret Preston, Robert Hannaford, Adrian Feint, Loudon Sainthill, Joseph Arthur Bennett, Erik Langker
  • Printmaking by Salvatore Zofrea, Sir Lionel Lindsay, Gerrard Gayfield Shaw, Barbara Davidson and Laura Stark
  • Photography by Harold Cazneaux, Anne Zahalka, Trent Parke, Anne Ferran, David Liddle and Katie Pashley
  • Drawings by Clara Hali, Ginny Grayson, Robert Ewing and Shaun Tan

Each year the winners of the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing are acquired for the collection and include winning works by Rachel Ellis, John Fitzgibbon, Joe Frost, Julie Harris, Ken Searle, Danie Mellor, Karen Barbouttis, Nick Mourtzakis, Susan J.White and Wendy Sharpe.

PLC Sydney maintains strong ties with the Indigenous community and has acquired as well as received generous donations of artworks by significant artists such as Gloria Petyarre, Michael Jagamara Nelson, Yinarupa Nangala, Josie Petrick Kemarre, Jimmy Pike and Nellie Marks Nakamarra.

Artworks from the annual Artist-in-Residence program are also part of the collection. The College has acquired as well as received generous gifts of work from artists who have taken part in the program including by Jan Williamson, Tim Allen, Neil Evans, My Le Thi, Alex Fensham, Steve Tyerman, Terri Butterworth, Philip Hannaford, Katherine Harvey, Sallie Moffatt, Mona Ryder, Patrick Shirvington, Rachel Fairfax, Peter Gardiner and Becky Gibson. These works were produced by the artists in The Croydon studios whilst working with the students of PLC Sydney.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney is extremely grateful to all who have contributed to and supported the development of its collection. We will continue to maintain, conserve and collect artworks with historical, educational and artistic relevance for our students and the wider College community. Ultimately, these works aim to promote the value and significance of the Visual Arts as a vital component of lifelong learning.

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