People's Choice Award_Landscape Dreaming 2021

Congratulations to Alexandra Sach of Year 11, whose painting Mourning Veil has been awarded the People’s Choice of the exhibition Landscape Dreaming which went on show at Adelaide Perry Gallery in Term 2. In conjunction with a display of works by Sydney painter Peta Minnici, PLC Sydney’s 2021 Artist-in-Residence, Landscape Dreaming showcased paintings and drawings inspired by a two-day National Art School workshop, and visit to Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon Homestead and studio, that Peta and Year 11 Visual Arts undertook in April. Visitors to the exhibition were invited to cast a vote for their favourite and the results were tallied following the close of the show on 10 June.

In a statement accompanying her painting Alexandra wrote:

‘Mourning Veil directly references the misty nature of this image, describing both the abundant and thriving natural landscape that is veiled in a canopy of melancholy fog, encapsulating sorrowful emotions using colour in my painting practice. The lone trees and lamp post explore ideas of singularity and isolation that can often exist in areas of communion. Such themes of dissociation and mourning were referenced inherently through colour theory to compellingly execute empathy within the audience. Through areas of high detail I have brought attention to the delicacy and fragility of the natural environment, a space that requires our attention and appreciation’.

As People's Choice award winner Alexandra receives an art supplies voucher.
Well done Alexandra! 

Mourning Veil_Riversdale Dreaming_2021 
Above: Year 11 student. Alexandra Sach’s painting Mourning Veil