Natura, our Transition students' Visual Arts exhibition

On Tuesday 17 September at Adelaide Perry Gallery, PLC Sydney’s Transition Class celebrated their achievements so far this year in Visual Arts at the opening of Natura, a vibrant exhibition of their artworks which were created from materials sourced directly from nature. The works on display include plaster casts, cyanotype photographic prints, glazed ceramics and collograph relief prints. 

Gallery Curator, Ms Courtney Wagner, introduced guest speaker at the event, Sydney artist Digby Webster, who praised the girls for the excellent work on display and wished the girls much success in their future artistic endeavours.

Ms Isabella Hayek, Learning Enrichment Faculty, introduced Year 12 students Rosie Tunstall, Eleanor Taylor & Alexandra Jury who thanked Mrs Patricia Papa, Visual Arts, for her guidance and support whilst creating the works, presenting Mrs Papa with a gift in thanks on behalf of their classmates. Ms Hayek then announced two award-winners, Alyssa Pachos of Year 9 and Sophie Yee of Year 10, who were presented Certificates for Outstanding Engagement in Visual Arts Practice by Principal Dr Paul Burgis. Then Rosie, Eleanor and Alex presented a gift on behalf of the College to Mr Webster for his participation at the event.

Congratulations girls! 

Natura continues at Adelaide Perry Gallery 8.30 am – 4.00 pm weekdays until 26 September. 

Rosie Tunstall with artist Digby Webster at Natura, 2019

Dr Paul Burgis with award winners Sophie Yee Year 10 and Alyssa Pachos Year 9 

Mrs Patricia Papa, Year 12 students Eleanor Taylor and Alexandra Jury, and Ms Courtney Wagner


The opening of Natura, 2019