KidsArt 2019 exhibition

KidsArt, PLC Sydney’s annual exhibition of art by students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6, opened at Adelaide Perry Gallery at 6.00 pm Tuesday 5 November. The evening was expertly catered by Year 6, who greeted guests with refreshments as they arrived.

To begin the official proceedings Gallery Curator Ms Courtney Wagner welcomed the crowd to the Gallery and made an Acknowledgement of Country before introducing Mrs Melissa Watters, Head of PLC Sydney Junior School.

Mrs Watters spoke with admiration of the works on show, congratulating the students on their fine efforts and impressive creativity this year and extended her appreciation to their class teachers for their input and guidance. She made special mention of the fine efforts of Mrs Alison Lloyd, Junior Art Specialist Teacher, and thanked The Croydon staff involved, in bringing the exhibition together. Mrs Watters then introduced Guest Speaker, artist Rachel Honnery, to officially open the exhibition.

Ms Honnery, who held two workshops at The Croydon this year – one teaching Year 6 the cyanotype print technique and another with Year 5, exploring painting inspired by the artwork of the Mankaja Artists from Fitzroy Crossing – commended the students on their achievements in art and spoke about the broad and enduring benefits of good visual arts education and the global importance of nurturing creativity in schools. She spoke fondly of her time spent in The Croydon studios, thanking Mrs Alison Lloyd and the staff at the Centre for facilitating the successful workshops.

PLC Sydney Junior School Captain Juliette Colosi, with Vice Captain Amelie Haigh then spoke about the inspiration they found through learning about Ms Honnery’s art practice and expressed their appreciation to the artist for the technical expertise she shared during the Year 6 cyanotype workshops. On behalf of the students and staff at PLC Sydney they warmly thanked Ms Honnery for her participation at the event and presented a gift in thanks.

Head of Visual Arts, Senior School, Ms Jo Knight, closed the official proceedings, congratulating the students on the high calibre of works on display at the exhibition this year and thanking the class teachers and Mrs Alison Lloyd for their contributions to Visual Arts at PLC Sydney this year. Ms Knight thanked Year 6 caterers and Mrs Kate Wheatley for coordinating their participation at the event.

KidsArt 2019 is open weekdays 8.30 am – 4.00 pm at Adelaide Perry Gallery until Thursday 14 November.

All welcome!

PLC Sydney Chairwoman of College Council Mrs Leah Russell, Principal Dr Paul Burgis, Amelie Haigh Year 6, Juliette Colosi Year 6, Mrs Melissa Waters, Ms Rachel Honnery and Mrs Alison Lloyd at KidsArt 2019

Amelie Haigh and Kate Doan Year 6 at KidsArt 2019

Rachel Honnery opens KidsArt 2019