Duality and the 2020 PLC Sydney Students’ Photographic Prize

Duality by Asher Milgate

Have you ever looked out onto a landscape and tried to describe it to someone? 

Imagine living in a valley of that landscape and describing what you see to the person standing on top of the mountain? 
How different are those perspectives? After all, it is the same landscape, isn’t it?

In Australia, our landscape has been cared for through love and devotion. It has songs and ceremonies. It has delivered food, sustenance and spirituality for millennia. It has seen experiments, economical growth, plantations, farming and extraction of minerals.

Prosperity and loss. How can these relationships with the land be seen with the other eye, the other experience, the other cultural practice? What are those stories of the lived experience? Can you read the land and decipher its story?

Duality_Asher Milgate_2020
Asher Milgate, Footprints for Millennia, 2019. Dye sublimation print on aluminium.© Asher Milgate.
Image courtesy the artist.

Adelaide Perry Gallery, in conjunction with this year’s Head On Photo Festival, is thrilled to present 'Duality'photography and recordings by Asher Milgate. 

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions for schools Adelaide Perry Gallery has not been able to mark the opening of the exhibition with a public event. However the Gallery was honoured to have hosted a special viewing of the exhibition for esteemed photographer Sandy Edwards who kindly provided a piece to camera to celebrate the work on show:

video-gallery-sidebar-icon Click here to view Sandy Edwards walk through Duality video here

Milgate’s imagery draws from dual histories. He discusses the intersection of colonisation and the ongoing challenges for Aboriginal people as a result. Milgate’s work is a transferal of the history of lived experiences echoed through photography, video, installation and sound recordings that seeks to engage the public’s interest in the breath of the ‘Australian’ landscape, through diversity, similarity and dual perspectives.

Whilst Artist-in-Residence in 2019 at Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie, Milgate’s Duality came to life through a series of conversations on how to document the Hastings landscape in a contemporary way. The residency culminated in an exhibition at Glasshouse Regional Gallery, the Head On online Photo Festival in May and is now a featured exhibition at Adelaide Perry Gallery until October 28. Asher Milgate is represented by Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney.

PLC Sydney 2020 Photographic Prize

Also on show are the finalists in this year’s PLC Sydney Photographic Prize for which students were invited to respond to the theme of ‘Duality’ drawing inspiration from Milgate’s practice. The opening event and luncheon was held at the Gallery on Thursday 15 October with Head of Visual Arts Ms Jo Knight and Head of Junior School Mrs Melissa Watters in attendance. Art and Design Captain Amy Hur began the official proceedings with an acknowledgement of Country before Gallery Curator Tiffeny Fayne welcomed the students and provided an overview of the selection process before announcing the award recipients. Prizes for Highly Commended winners in each section and the Overall Winner were generously sponsored by PLC Sydney Parents and Friends’ Association. The Highly Commended award winners in each section received a $50 art supplies voucher. They were:

  • Pre-Kindergarten – Year 2: Rozalia (Mimi) Mimi Bernard (PK) - Selfie
  • Year 3 – Year 6: Madeleine Bonny (Year 5) – Jellyfish
  • Year 7 & Year 8: Lauren Coumbiadis (Year 7) – Beaded Light
  • Year 9 & Year 10: Rachel Austin (Year 10) – Copacabana
  • Year 11 & Year 12: Allira Hammond Purcell – Pride
  • Transition: Kiara Gilbert (Year 8) & Amber Bradley (Year 9) - Untitled

The Overall Winner (who received a $200 art supplies voucher) was Ishbel Craig (Year 10) for her image Dark but Not Absolute. Congratulations Ishbel!

Ishbel Craig_Dark but Not Absolute_ 2020
Year 10 student, Ishbel Craig's winning image 'Dark but Not Absolute' 2020.

video-gallery-sidebar-icon See the full list of Finalists’ works here

'Duality' and the PLC Sydney students’ Photographic Prize 2020 are currently only open to PLC Staff and students (Staff and class groups by appointment). Email  for enquiries.