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This Media Gallery contains images and videos that showcase the activities and events held at PLC Sydney to members of the PLC Sydney community and the general public.

The Image Gallery, contains images from:

  • Adelaide Perry Gallery
  • Boarding
  • Global Education
  • Our grounds and facilities
  • Junior School
  • Performing Arts
  • Senior School
  • Sport and
  • The Croydon: Art and Design

The image galleries can also be found within the various Microsites sections of our website.

Our Microsites are dedicated to engaging our parents and the wider community with more detailed information about the numerous activities and events happening across the College.

The Video Gallery has a range of videos include highlights of PLC Sydney. Its also a great way to view some of the many Co-curricular Activities that occur around the College such as our music performances, seminar and other important information. It also links to our You Tube channel.