Publication Permission

Publication Permission

Publication of Student Images and Names

Dear Parent / Guardian

The College uses images and/or names of students in various publications as part of our recognition of their achievements, their participation and for information about the College. These may appear in digital and rich media formats on the College website, on our intranet, in digital publications such as the fortnightly newsletter Connections, on the College's multi-media platforms and in printed publications.  As such, we are seeking your permission to use your daughter's image and name when required.

Please note: The College publishes a Year Book, Aurora Australis, as a record of the College's history each year. Aurora Australis is only available in printed form and it is not possible to exempt any student's name or image from this publication.

Please also note: PLC Sydney discourages parents sharing images/videos of school activities that include students, other than their daughter, in the public domain (ie YouTube, Facebook etc). If you choose to post images/videos of your own child, that is a personal decision, but you should NOT post any material that includes students or College activities without seeking permission from PLC Sydney. 

download-icon Before completing the Permissions Form below please download and read our Notice Accompanying the Collection of Personal Data

Your permission will apply from the signed date onwards. You can notify the College at any time should you wish to change this.

Permission Form

I hereby give my permission for my daughter's information to be included in publications.  Please tick the option(s) below that you wish to give the College permission to use regarding your daughter's inclusions in publication.

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By clicking on the submit button below, the parent/guardian of the student are indicating that:

  • We have read the College's Notice Accompanying the Collection of Personal Data
  • We understand the use of images and/or names as part of the College's publications (both digital and in printed format)
  • We understand that it is not possible to exempt any student's name or image being printed in the College Year Book, Aurora Australis.
  • We understand that we are not permitted to post material to the public domain (ie YouTube, Facebook etc) that includes students (other than our daughter) and College activities, without first seeking permission from the College. 
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