iPads for Years 5 and 6

iPads for Years 5 and 6

Technology in the classroom brings education to life and students of the 21st Century need to use a variety of tools competently and confidently.  Using an iPad has significant applications for education and classroom use. Years 5 and 6 students bring their own iPad to school, giving them the responsibility of managing their own device. 

In 2018, Year 5 students will need to bring an iPad to class, along with a compact set of headphones. A full sized iPad or iPad mini is suitable, and both have proven to be effective. Whichever model you choose to bring, it is important to keep the iPad in a protective case. A case with a keyboard is optional. We find that the girls are typing just as quickly on the screen as a real keyboard, but it is up to your daughter's individual preference. 

The Wi-Fi only version is all that is required. 4G connections are not allowed at school so a 4G model would be an unnecessary additional expense. The capacity (32GB or 64GB etc) is less important, however, the more storage space, the more files that can be stored. Smaller storage sizes often need much tighter management or personal photos, videos and music files, but will certainly be adequate for the school related files.

An iTunes account is needed to operate the iPad and for now, to meet Apple's minimum age requirements, the Apple ID should be created by parents, and the password details need to be shared with your daughter so she can access Apps during class time. Please note, we strongly recommend having an account with NO credit card details attached. We have found that working from App Store vouchers with fixed limits are a much better option.

For further details about the BYO iPad program, including some best practice suggestions on how to set up the Apple IR, we recommend reading this document bit.ly/ipadqas This link provides information about getting started with the iPads for 2018.

If you have any further questions, please contact the PLC Sydney TS Department by clicking here, as they are happy to assist.