House Affiliation

House Affiliation

The College has six Houses and all Pre-K to Year 12 students and staff take an active part in their Houses throughout their College life.  They are:

  • Anderson (dark blue)
  • Ferguson (green)
  • Harper (light blue)
  • Kinross (yellow)
  • Pickard (purple) and
  • Wilkie (maroon)  

Regarding your daughter's placement into one of these Houses, please complete the 'House Affiliation' form below.

If your daughter has a sister who is a current student, or has had any previous family members associated with the College such as a mother, sister, cousin, aunt or grandmother, please indicate the family member's House below as this will enable us to place your daughter accordingly. 

Please note that it is not possible to place students into Houses based on friendship groups. 

NB Only NEW students (to PLC Sydney) are required to complete the House Affiliation form. Current Year 6 students already have their house and therefore do NOT have to submit this form again. 

House Affiliation Form

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