Day Student Medical Information and Consent

Day Student Medical Information and Consent

So the College has a full understanding of your daughter's medical history and needs, please complete the following medical information forms.  The Medical Information required is quite detailed and therefore it is broken into two sections:

  • Section One: Student Medical Information and Consent and
  • Section Two: Medical History Forms

Before completing these forms, please read the Notice Accompanying the Collection of Personal Data form that is issued by the College and available on Our Policies page of the website. To read the form, please click here. 

The following information sets out the procedures at the College for injury or illness. 

College Procedures in the Event of Injury or Illness 

The Health Centre has a Registered Nurse on duty from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Minor Ailments

  • The student will report to the Health Centre where her attendance will be recorded on the daily register, in personal medical records and attendance noted in the student’s handbook if presented. 
  • The College Nursing Sister on duty will assess and treat the student as required. If further care is required for day girls, parents will be notified. 

Minor Injuries 

  • Student to report to the Health Centre (or First Aid room in Evandale or Junior School) where assessment and first aid will be administered by the College Nursing Sister or other staff members immediately present. 
  • If the student is injured whilst playing sport, she should report to her coach/teacher in the first instance and
    then to the College Nursing Sister if on duty (Monday to Friday). 
  • Treatments as above will be documented in the daily register and in personal medical records and
    attendance noted in the student’s handbook, if presented.

Medication Procedure 

  • It is imperative that Health Centre staff be aware of all medications taken by students. 
  • Assistance will be given by the College Nursing Sister or her delegate in the administration of prescription
    medication when documentation is received from parents. 
  • Instructions of change to the original dose must be in writing from prescribing doctor. 
  • Short term prescription medicine will only be administered if the container states student’s name and dose,
    and is labelled in the original container, with name of medication and specific times for administration. 
  • All medications administered by the College Nursing Sister or any other staff member will be recorded.
  • Please click here to read PLC Sydney's 'Protocols for Medications'

Non-Prescription of “Over the Counter” Medications

  • Due to Department of Health regulations (Pharmaceutical Branch), no medication may be given to day students unless authorised by parents in writing.
  • Any other medications will need to be supplied (in original container) to the Health Centre with the student’s name and instructions for use, and covering letter signed by the parents. 

Please now complete the medical information form attached. There are two parts to this form. Once you have completed Section One, you will be redirected to Section Two. 

Section One: Medical Information

Student Details
Parent/Guardian 1 Details
Emergency Contact
Medical Information
Non-Prescription Medications

The following non-prescription medications are held in the Health Centre for the treatment of minor conditions and illness: Paracetamol, Panadol Elixir, Senegar (cough mixture), Mylanta and Ibuprofen (Nurofen).

Please tick EACH MEDICATION which you authorise staff to administer to your child if required and sign below as giving your approval. 


Please list below any other non-prescription medications that your daughter may need, and the name of the condition being treated. If you daughter requires these medications reasonably often (e.g. migraine, allergy, menstrual pain) please supply a small box of medication to the Health Centre with your daughter’s name, and with written instructions as to dosage and specific times for administration.

Medication to be held at Health Centre at parents’ request (this includes EpiPen (adrenaline), glucagon injection (for diabetes), Ritalin, Ponstan, etc

Medical Alerts

Please state briefly any HEALTH ISSUES, MEDICAL ALERTS, SEVERE ALLERGIES, ANAPHYLAXIS OR SPECIAL NEEDS  of which staff need to be aware (e.g. any severe allergy/anaphylaxis to nuts, seafood, dairy, insect bites, medication, latex; requiring use of EpiPen; diabetes; epilepsy; heart condition; asthma; etc)

This completes Section One of the medical information required. When you click the Submit button below, you will be redirected to Section Two.

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