Curricular and Co-Curricular Questionnaire

Curricular and Co-Curricular Questionnaire

Please complete the following online questionnaire about some of your daughter's Senior School Co-Curricular and Curricular Activities for Music, Performing Arts (Drama, Dance) and Sport (Term 1 only). 

Term Sports: For your daughter's Term 2 through to Term 4 Sports, you will be contacted at the end of each term via PLACES. To view a list of the sports available each term, please click here.

Other co-curricular activity selections will be made at the beginning of the new year. You will be notified through the Parent Portal, PLACES.

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Performing Arts
Are you interested in Performing Arts at PLC Sydney?

Please note: Music is a mandatory subject in Year 7

The following questions relate to your previous musical experience, that is, whether you own an instrument, have studied previously, how long you have been learning, play or sing in a group, sat for practical or music theory/musicianship exams and whether you will be learning an instrument from a PLC Sydney tutor.  Please complete the following:

Do you have any previous musical experience?* - required
Do you wish to learn an instrument or singing from a PLC Sydney tutor?

Saturday Sports should only be selected if a definite commitment can be made, including 1 - 2 training session per week, plus Saturday morning competitions. Depending on the sport, training will either be before or after school.  

Please also note that in Term 1 of 2021 the following sports are available for senior students ie Badminton, Tennis and Softball. All relevant information about PLC Sydney Sports, including trials, training and draws are available on the website. Upon submitting your registration, a  non refundable fee (unless a medical certificate is supplied.) of $180 for participation will automatically be charged to your school account.  NB You will only be charged if your daughter plays a Term 1 sport. 

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Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please submit your completed form now. 

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