Enrol Online Overseas Test

To register your daughter for entry to PLC Sydney, please complete the form below, attach all the required supporting documentation and make the payment for the non-refundable application fee.

Before completing the Application Form below, please read the important information about enrolling your daughter at PLC Sydney.  Please note that all students educated overseas, MUST submit the results of an Assessment of English Competence (AEAS test report) with their application. 

The offer of a place at PLC Sydney is dependent upon this Application. Completing this online application is the first step in the enrolment process, but is not a guarantee of admission. 

Once we have processed your application form and non-refundable fee, we will confirm in writing that your daughter is on a wait list for the year requested.

Parent/Guardian 1
Please note that Parent/Guardian 1 details should be the primary contact.
Parent/Guardian 2

Please note your partner's details here:

Home Address
Postal Address
Student Details
Student Type:* - required
Family Situation

In the questions below, please list:

  1. Any sisters who are currently attending PLC Sydney and their year group. 
  2. Any sisters who will be attending PLC Sydney in future years and their years of entry.
  3. If the mother or grandmother is an ex-student of PLC Sydney, their maiden name and years of attendance.
  4. If another close relative is an ex-student, their maiden and married names and years of attendance.
Student Guardian Details

This section only needs to be completed if the parents reside outside New South Wales, Australia, and/or the student does not have permanent residency in Australia.

If a student’s parents are not resident in New South Wales, Australia, enrolment at the College will be dependent on the student being a boarder at the College or having accommodation which is approved by the College. Any intended changes of living arrangements must be notified to the College immediately. Guardians must conform to the requirements of the College and agree to all the following expectations of guardians.

The College requires the guardian to be:
• over twenty-five (25) years of age
• able to communicate effectively with the College in English
• appointed by the parents (or an agent agreed by both the parents and the College)
• resident in New South Wales and easily contactable by the College with an emergency contact person in Sydney
• willing and able to look after the student at home in a period of ill health
• the first point of contact when problems arise and, if necessary, to contact the parents on behalf of the College, in particular, if parents are unable to communicate in English.

Prior to the student entering the College, the guardian will be required to visit the College to sign the guardianship form in the presence of a staff member.

Overseas Students Only

Overseas Students (Students Without Australian Residency)

If the student is not a permanent resident of Australia or an Australian citizen, this section must be completed.
Overseas students must supply the following:
1. Copy of biographical page of passport
2. Copy of visa documentation (if the student is currently in Australia on a visa) 
3. AEAS test results
4. The Student Guardian details MUST also be filled in. 

Is the student on a visa?* - required
Is an agent assisting?* - required
Agency Assistance

This section only needs to be completed if an agency is assisting with this application.

Supporting Documentation

Please upload a copy of each of the documents listed below (if applicable):


By clicking on the submit button below, both parents of the student are indicating that:

  1. We hereby apply to PLC Sydney for the named student to be placed on a waiting list for future enrolment at the school
  2. We understand that acceptance of this form by the School does not constitute enrolment of the student
  3. We have read and understood the current conditions of enrolment and understand that if a place is offered, we will be asked to agree to the then current conditions of enrolment
  4. We understand that an application fee must be paid before this process can continue. 

Please follow the link to pay online and record the receipt number below to proceed. Payment is non-refundable. 

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You have now completed your online application form and will be sent through to the Commonwealth Bank's secure payment page to make your payment. 

Once your payment has been submitted, you will receive a receipt number to send through to the College as proof of payment. 

Once the College receives your receipt number, your Application for Enrolment Form will be complete.  


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