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Completing this online application is the first step in the enrolment process, but is not a guarantee of admission. 

Before completing the Application Form below, please read the important information about enrolling your daughter at PLC Sydney.  

Once we have processed your Application Form and non-refundable Application for Enrolment fee ($440.00 per student), we will confirm in writing that your daughter is on a wait list for the year requested.

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To find out more about our Transition Program, that caters to students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, please click here. 

If you wish to apply for PLC Sydney's Transition Program, please answer the next question. 

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  1. Any sisters who are currently attending PLC Sydney and their year group. 
  2. Any sisters who will be attending PLC Sydney in future years and their calendar years of entry.
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  4. If another close relative is an ex-student, their maiden and married names and calendar years of attendance.

By clicking on the submit button below, both parents of the student are indicating that:

  1. We hereby apply to PLC Sydney for the named student to be placed on a waiting list for future enrolment at the school
  2. We understand that acceptance of this form by the School does not constitute enrolment of the student
  3. We have read and understood the current conditions of enrolment and understand that if a place is offered, we will be asked to agree to the then current conditions of enrolment
  4. We understand that an application fee must be paid before this process can continue.
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