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Jersey Day and Reunions

Revisit, reunite and rekindle old friendships…

Jersey Day is PLC Sydney’s annual reunion event for all alumni, past staff, friends and family.

Held at the College on the Saturday closest to 10 March, the date on which the school was opened at Croydon in 1891 by the Countess of Jersey, Jersey Day is a day to celebrate PLC Sydney memories and friendships.  

Each year PLC Sydney invites those year groups celebrating a decade reunion – 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th – to a private reception at the College. 

In addition to decade reunions, PLC Sydney’s Alumni office can assist other year groups to plan a reunion, including those based regionally, interstate or internationally. Contact our Alumni Office here for more information. 

Information about the next Jersey Day and upcoming reunions can be found on the Alumni Events website


Why is it called Jersey Day?  

Jersey Day is named in honour of the Countess of Jersey, who opened the new College buildings (College Hall, the Dining Room and the Boarding House) on Tuesday 10 March 1891.

The Earl of Jersey, who was the Governor of New South Wales, spoke at the opening, but it is the words of his wife, the Countess, that we cherish more than a century later.

When I was a child I was shown a slip of paper on which was printed: 'to gain knowledge for the mere sake of possessing it is selfishness; to gain knowledge for the mere love of displaying it is vanity; but to gain knowledge for the sake of being useful to others is true Christian charity’.

The first Jersey Day was held on 10 March 1894, and has been held every year since then, with past students, young and old, revisiting the College on that day. 

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Countess of Jersey

Countess of Jersey, Margaret Elizabeth Leigh Child-Villiers, 1849-1945