The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Framework

There are three levels to the Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Each level of the Award has four mandatory sections. They are:

  • Fitness/Physical RecreationBreak a sweat and improve your physical fitness. This could be through a team sport, individual pursuit or simply getting out there and working up a sweat.
  • Skill: Unleash your talents and broaden your abilities. Anything from refereeing, to DJing to learning a musical instrument, to jewellery making. Do your thing.
  • Volunteering: Connect with your community and realise your passions. Any area of interest in the community, such as youth work, the environment or charity work.
  • Adventurous Journey: Discover your sense of adventure and bond with your mates. A journey into an unfamiliar environment with a group- bushwalking, canoeing, cycling, an urban adventure-Staying overnight and testing your resilience.

NB GOLD only has an additional section called Residential Project.Broaden your horizons and open your eyes to the World. In Australia or anywhere around the globe, limited only by your imagination.

At every level, each Participant must be the required age, and must undertake the minimum required commitment for each section, in order to achieve their chosen award. A participant does not have to achieve the Bronze and/or Silver award in order to undertake the Gold Award, however they must meet the minimum age requirements.See the table below:




Physical Recreation 
3 months 6 months 12 months 
Skill 3 months 6 months  12 months


3 months

6 months 12 months

Plus for the major section

All participants must complete
an additional 3 months in either
Fitness/Physical Recreation,
skill or volunteering
Participants who have not achieved a
Bronze Award must complete an
additional 6 months in either
Fitness/Physical Recreation, Skill or
Participants who have not achieved a
Silver Award must complete an
additional 6 months in either
Fitness/Physical Recreation, Skill or
Please note that participants who
have completed Bronze but not
Silver must undertake an additional
6 months for one section.


2 days + 1 night 3 days + 2 nights 4 days + 3 nights
Residential Project NA  NA 5 days + 4 nights
Minimum Age to Start 14 years 15 years 16 years
Minimum Age to Finish 14 years 6 months Bronze Award holders
15 years & 6 months
Direct entrants 16 years
Silver Award Holders: 17 years
Direct entrants: 17 years 6 months
Maximum Age to Finish  Before 25th birthday Before 25th birthday Before 25th birthday

Expeditions at PLC Sydney

In 2016 the expeditions will be run by Land’s Edge. All participants must attend both the practice and test trips for all awards. 

Lands Edge provides all the equipment including back packs and tents, this is  included in the cost of the each trip. The venues and cost for each trip does differ so please read all the details carefully. 

These trips will be charged to your daughter's School Account once the permission notes and medical forms for each trip are returned. Please note that costs may change depending on exact numbers for each trip.

We are hoping that by advertising the dates as soon as possible so students can make themselves available for the trips.

What to do next

enrol-icon If you are interested in joining the Duke of Edinburgh program at PLC Sydney, please click here to complete the permission form by Tuesday 14 February, 2017.