Overseas Tours and International Exchange

Our students are provided with a number of opportunities to extend their classroom learning and themselves as global citizens, via our extensive Co-Curricular and Curricular Tours, or through our International Exchange Program. 

Students have the chance to participate in tours in the following curriculum and co-curriculum areas:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • History
  • Languages – Chinese, French, Italian
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Science

Students (primarily in Year 10) have the chance to participate in international exchanges. In 2016 PLC Sydney is offering up to 92 subsidised exchange places to the following countries*: 

  • Brazil (5 places) 
  • China (4) 
  • Denmark (Up to 10)
  • England: two schools: Bristol (2) and Lancaster (3) 
  • France (10) 
  • Germany (10) 
  • Hong Kong (3) 
  • Italy: two schools: Florence (8-10) and Perugia (5)
  • Japan (10) 
  • New Zealand (4)
  • South Africa (3) 
  • The Netherlands (2) 
  • Vietnam (8) 

Our Overseas Student Exchange Program offers two types of exchange:
1. Language Exchanges where students have studied the relevant language and will be, or intend, continuing with this language in Year 11, and 
2. Cultural Exchanges, where language study is not a prerequisite.

global-education-icon To find out more about PLC Sydney's Global Education Program, please visit our Global Education microsite.