Duke of Edinburgh Overview

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme challenges young people to achieve new skills and experience adventure. 

Students choose from a wide range of activities which suit their particular interests and abilities. There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Within each level, students must select and undertake activities that fit the purpose of each all the four sections of the Award ie: Adventurous Journey, Skill, Volunteering and Fitness/Physical Recreation.  

STudents are responsible for organising the Skill, Volunteering and Fitness/Physical Recreation components of the award. The adventurous journeys ie expeditions, which will be organised by PLC Sydney.

The Award is fun. The activities you choose reflect your interests and passions, so enjoy the challenge!


Open to students who are 14 years of age or older


Various times throughout the year


If you would like any additional information please click here to visit the Duke of Edinburgh website.


One-off Registration fee: Bronze participant $120, Silver participant $125, Gold participant $150 plus additional costs for expeditions

Staff Contact

Head of Sport Ms Belinda Harden, Awards Leader
Sports Department 9704 5645 
E: bharden@plc.nsw.edu.au

enrol-icon To find out more about the awards, what's involved in each award and to register, please click here. 

Parent Information Session

It is recommended that interested participants and parents attend the Duke of Edinburgh Parent Information Evening on Monday 16th February at 6pm in College Hall.