Cater Care is PLC Sydney's in-house canteen and catering provider. They supply quality food and home-style meals cooked fresh on site daily, the incorporates a balanced menu plan and the right mix of quantity, quality and variety.

junior school ordering

  • Students in the Junior School may order online through the web portal before 9:00 am on the day. All available food and prices are online
  • Payment is via the My Student Account
  • Alternatively 'bag orders' can be made via the class lunch basket. Please see the lunch special list attached below
  • Bag orders are paid via the My Student Account number by writing it on the bag. Cash is not recommended.

senior school ordering 

  • Senior school purchase directly from the canteen with daily specials available in the hot bay 
  • All prices are displayed in the canteen for senior students

Please note, the dining room is a passageway only at morning tea and lunch with all students, in through the canteen door and out through the dining room.

For all Term 1 Junior School Canteen Prices and Specials, please go to 'My Student Account' in PLACES

enrol-icon To place online canteen orders, please click here to go to your MyStudent Account.