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Audrey Keown Theatre (AKT)

PLC Sydney
Croydon, NSW, Australia


4 Aug 2016


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Parent Seminar: Letting Go - The Primary School Journey for you and your child.

Letting Go is an informative and practical parent seminar with Bernard Macleod on Thursday 4 August at 6.30 pm in the Audrey Keown Theatre that will provide information and insight to you as a parent, supporting your child through their Junior School years.  

How do children develop their capacity to think? Why do children change in the way they relate to you as they grow older? What is the best way of managing childhood anxiety? What is coming around the corner as they enter adolescence? How can you as a parent support a healthy, gradual and creative ‘letting go’ as they go through their early schooling years and beyond?

Bernard brings alive the inner world of the child at this stage of life using his knowledge and experience working with children and parents as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Combining science, theory and real life examples, Bernard’s talk will provide information to parents looking for a deeper understanding of how their children think, develop and behave in these formative years. 

He offers a clear description of the function of the different stages of childhood development, the impact our own experiences can have on our children’s mental world and how to manage and deal with anxiety. He will also offer some ideas about to how to facilitate communication with your child and how looking at the world from their perspective can help you gain insight into their behaviour.

Following the talk Bernard will conduct a Q&A session with the audience where parents can bring specific issues they want addressed.

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We look forward to sharing this special evening with you.